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How To Avoid The Keto Flu

A Guide on How to Avoid The Keto Flu

Learn How to Avoid The Keto Flu

The keto diet has become more and more popular over the last few years. It’s a high-fat, low-carb diet that's been proven to help people lose weight fast. But how do you know if you're going to feel like you're starving all the time. Or if you're going to feel tired and run-down? How do you know if you're going to be able to stick to it for the long term? So many keto dieters struggle with the "keto flu." But what is it? Is it dangerous, or is it something that you can easily overcome? In this article, we'll go over the possible causes, symptoms, and treatments of the keto flu. You can learn to stay strong and continue your weight loss journey.

What is the Keto Flu?
The keto flu is a term that describes the symptoms that some people experience when they start a keto diet. The main culprit of this dreaded condition is cutting out carbs. This can result in your body having a limited amount of energy both mentally and physically. However, there are also a few things that you can do to avoid the keto flu and continue your journey to optimal health.
What You Can Do to Avoid the Keto Flu
You can avoid the Keto Flu by simply keeping your electrolyte and fluid intake up. If you’re feeling fatigued or weak during your keto diet, try drinking extra water and/or adding more electrolytes to your diet. The more hydrated and energized you feel, the less likely you are to experience the keto flu.

Shifting from a High-Carb Diet to a High-Fat Diet

If you’re currently eating a lot of fat, you may be surprised to learn that this isn’t the key cause of the keto flu. After all, a keto diet is a high-fat diet, so the fact that you’re already eating plenty of fat won’t change anything. People who are switching from a high-carb diet to a keto diet may experience the keto flu because the body is adapting to a new fuel source. When you drastically reduce the amount of carbs that you’ve been consuming, your body will cut down on its own energy production to make up the difference.

Getting More Electrolytes and Fluids
Another tip to avoid the keto flu is to make sure that you have enough electrolytes and fluids in your body. Electrolytes are minerals that help regulate your body’s pH levels and keep you hydrated and energized. Electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium are imperative to good health. They can be found in most grocery stores. You can also grab some coconut water or low-carb herbal sports drinks to make sure you stay hydrated and in optimal shape while you’re following a keto diet.
Tips for Overcoming the Keto Flu
Finally, if you’re struggling with the keto flu, try these following tips from registered dietitian Shereen Lehman, RD.  1. Drink lots of water - 2. Get extra sleep - 3. Eat a small, high-protein snack before bed - 4. Keep your stress levels under control - 5. Maintain your calories and macros - 6. Find a healthy activity to get your mind off of food - Maintain a positive mindset


As you can see, there are many reasons why you may be experiencing the keto flu. However, there are also ways to avoid it! Whether you’re new to the keto diet or you’re a long-time keto dieter, don’t worry because the keto flu isn’t something that you have to experience.

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