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My Keto Success Story

I grew up struggling with my weight, tipping the scale at 280 lbs. Keto was the only diet that worked for me. I lost 100+ lbs and gained muscle mass in 2 years. 

So I know how it feels when battling your weight. That’s why I started Kwiketo to help you stop craving for your old, unhealthy snacks.


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Kwiketo is a subscription service for those who love trying out new keto products. Each month we surprise you with a box of low carb and tasty keto snacks, supplements and other keto essentials, delivered to you for free.

You can choose the amount of items (10+ or 20 items) and the type of items (Original / Premium) you receive in each of monthly boxes and whether you prefer meat-free or pork-free products.

Yes, we do ship internationally to the following countries: all of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and the United States of America – additional shipping charges will be applied for these addresses. International shipping cost can be calculated at checkout.

We ship our boxes to any addresses in the United Kingdom (including Isle of Man) for free.

If you do not see your country here, please contact via to see if we can make an exception.

You can't choose which snack you receive each month and this is because our monthly box is a discovery box that is supposed to give you a surprising experience.

Please add a note to your order on the cart page or contact us via, if you're allergic to a certain food or things like that.

You can choose between meat-free or pork-free when customising your box. Please add a note to your order on the cart page if you want to receive meat-free or pork free monthly boxes.

Snack boxes are not returnable after delivery. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your box, please contact us and we will gladly read your feedback as we are always trying to improve our customer's experience.

Please note ALL SALES ARE FINAL and refunds are only issued at our discretion in rare cases.

If you would no longer like to receive your monthly boxes and your subscription is currently active, you are solely responsible for canceling your subscription before it renews. 

Please note, this also applies when you've signed up for a long-duration subscription plan. 

You can contact us at if you need assistance. 

Yes, you do need an account when subscribing. This is important as it will allow you to manage your details, track your orders, cancel your subscription etc.

We try to find the best tasting snacks for our subscribers every month. Sometimes you might not like them because people have different taste preferences, but don’t worry you need to get them a go at least once. We get new snacks in all the time, which means there’s always snacks for everyone.