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Eat meat everyday on keto

Can you eat meat everydeay on keto?


How to Eat Meat Every Day on Keto

Can you eat meat everyday on keto? that's the question so many people ask! Or are you the one struggling to get enough meat in your diet on keto? It’s a common issue for newbies, but it doesn’t have to be a problem forever. There are so many ways to add more meat to your keto diet and still remain in ketosis. For most people trying the ketogenic diet, it includes reducing carbohydrates while increasing fat intake. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat other sources of protein like meat. Eating plenty of meat helps keep you feeling fuller for longer. So this is why it’s an important part of this eating plan. A balanced amount of protein-rich foods also supports muscle growth and recovery after exercise. There is also other health benefits such as improved immunity, hormone regulation, and blood sugar balance.

Why is it hard to eat meat everydeay on keto?

If you’re trying to switch to a meat-heavy keto diet, you’ve probably already noticed that your diet consists mostly of protein and fat. But is that a problem? On a ketogenic diet, like any other diet most people aim for certain amount calorie per day. In other words, you have to control how much calories you're having on a daily basis to loss weight. But protein sources like meat often doesn't contain a lot calories. For example, you can can easily fit chicken breast into your keto diet, especially if you’re trying to eat more meat for protein and less calories.

Eat more protein without exceeding your macros

If eating a high amount of protein is one of your keto goals, then eat meat everydeay on keto is not hard at all. In fact, you can  aim to be eating around 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. For example, if you weigh 80 kilograms, you should be consuming 80 grams of protein each day. If you’re trying to build muscle on a ketogenic diet, it may be best to eat more protein. If you’re not trying to build muscle — or you’re worried about going over your carb intake — it’s best to eat around 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. This is a good amount of protein for general health, weight loss, and overall ketogenic health.

To calculate how many grams of protein you should be eating each day, use this formula: (Your weight in pounds x 16) + Your weight in kilograms = Your daily protein intake

Try eating meat everydeay on keto

1 - Beef: If you’re craving a steak, go for a bigger cut of meat like a ribeye or New York steak. They’re pretty low in carbs.

2 - Chicken: Chicken breast is one of the most common types of meat eaten on a ketogenic diet. But there are other options, too.

3 - Cornish hen: Another type of chicken.

4 - Duck: One of the less common types of meat on keto, duck is popular in Chinese cuisine and also has a lower carb content than most other types of meat.

5 - Turkey: Turkey breast is a classic keto meat — just make sure you don’t eat the skin.

6 - Goose: Goose is another type of fowl that can be eaten on a keto diet, so long as you avoid the fatty parts.

7 - Grouse: Grouse is one of the rarest types of meat that can fit into a ketogenic diet. It’s also one of the most expensive.

Add MCT oil to your diet

MCTs are a special type of fat found in coconuts and palm kernel oils. You body can easily digest and put it into use as energy. They’re also easy on your liver and don’t cause the same insulin spike that other fats do. MCTs can be added to your keto diet by eating coconut oil or MCT oil, a concentrated form of MCTs. You can also add MCT oil to your coffee or tea, so you get the health benefits without changing your regular diet too much. One study found that consuming MCT oil can increase protein and fat breakdown in your body, which can help you burn more calories. The easiest way to add MCT oil to your diet is by using Bulletproof Coffee — a popular keto drink that’s become a staple for many keto dieters.

Add eggs and Egg Whites to your diet

Eggs are another protein-rich food that’s easy to add to a ketogenic diet. Hard-boiled, scrambled, or fried, eggs are a delicious addition to any breakfast or lunch. Try adding them to a salad or bowl, or eating them on their own. Egg whites are also a good option, and they contain less fat than whole eggs. Choose organic, free range eggs when possible to avoid high levels of pesticides. If you’ve been struggling to get enough protein in your keto diet, try adding one or two of these protein-rich foods to your daily diet. You’ll soon notice a difference in your energy levels and digestion.


Meat is a staple in many diets, but it can be difficult to eat on a ketogenic diet because of the high protein content. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to add more meat to your keto diet without going over your daily carb intake. Try adding MCT oil to your diet for an extra protein boost, or adding eggs and egg whites for a healthier source of protein. Eating more protein on a ketogenic diet helps you stay full for longer, plus it helps you build muscle. For more information on the ketogenic diet, visit

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