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  • UK's Best Keto Snacks
    Extra-20-Monatsbox (20 Artikel)

    Extra-20-Monatsbox (20 Artikel)

    Normaler Preis £39.99
  • Keto Monthly Snack Box
    Premium-Monatsbox (10+ Artikel)

    Premium-Monatsbox (10+ Artikel)

    Normaler Preis £29.99
  • World's Best Keto Products
    Original-Monatsbox (8 - 10 Artikel)

    Original-Monatsbox (8 - 10 Artikel)

    Normaler Preis £19.99
  • Mini-Monatsbox (5 - 7 Artikel)
    Mini-Monatsbox (5 - 7 Artikel)

    Mini-Monatsbox (5 - 7 Artikel)

    Normaler Preis £9.99

Our Subscribers Love Us!

  • Keto Snacks Keto Shop UK's Best Keto Subscription Box


    "I love this subscription box, because they have a wide collection of keto snacks every month and the price is very reasonable."

  • Keto Snacks Keto Shop UK's Best Keto Subscription Box


    "Can't believe how much you get in one box!"

  • Keto Snacks Keto Shop UK's Best Keto Subscription Box


    "Honestly, so impressed by the sheer amount and quality of stuff in this box - you get to try a variety of things and discover keto goodies.''

  • Keto Snacks Keto Shop UK's Best Keto Subscription Box


    "Loads of things in here I’ve wanted to try for ages but didn’t want to commit to buying a few at a time without trying. I cannot WAIT to get into these!!"

  • Keto Snacks Keto Shop UK's Best Keto Subscription Box


    "Best keto subscription box ever, definitely recommend it."

  • Keto Snacks Keto Shop UK's Best Keto Subscription Box


    "Post workout glow with my Kwiketo box! These are AMAZING! You can subscribe or have a one off sweet or savoury box."

  • Marta

    "Great value for money, so if you fancy trying new products each month, I highly recommend kwiketo boxes.''

  • Keto Snacks Shop UK's Best Keto Subscription Box


    "It's great to be able to try new keto goodies each month. Snacking is a lot of people's down fall and being able to grab something quick when you're tempted is great."

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Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Kwiketo is a subscription service for those who love trying out new keto products. Each month we surprise you with a box of low carb and tasty keto snacks, supplements and other keto essentials, delivered to you for free.

You can choose the amount of items (8 and 10+ or 20 items) and the type of items (Original / Premium & Extra20) you receive in each of monthly boxes and whether you prefer meat-free or pork-free products.

Yes you do!

Here's how: Post a picture of you holding your Kwiketo box along with a short review and tag us @kwiketo on Instagram.

Please note that you need to be in that photo as well.

If you've already received a Kwiketo box you can get your next box for FREE.

You can expect to receive all types of sweet & savoury grab-to-go snacks as well as other keto essential products like breakfast, bread, drinks, coffee, spread, nut butters and a lot more! Check out our previous boxes page to get an idea of the snacks that our subscribers received in previous months.

Yes, we do ship internationally to the following countries: all of Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and the United States of America – additional shipping charges will be applied for these addresses. International shipping cost can be calculated at checkout.

We ship our boxes to any addresses in the United Kingdom (including Isle of Man) for free.

If you do not see your country here, please contact us via to see if we can make an exception.

You can't choose the snacks you receive each month and this is because our monthly boxes are discovery box, designed to give you a surprising experience.

However you can build your own box and choose from 200+ items and shipping is free only for order over £39

Please add a note to your order on the cart page or contact us via, if you're allergic to a certain food or things like that.

Please add a note to your order on the cart page if you want to receive meat-free or pork free monthly boxes.

We try to find the best tasting snacks for our subscribers every month. Sometimes you might not like them because people have different taste preferences, but don’t worry you need to get them a go at least once. We get new snacks in all the time, which means there’s always snacks for everyone.